Despite most NFT projects, every co-creator can vote on the milestones they want to see next and bring in ideas to develop the project. The number of votes you have depends on which edition you created on the Galaxy Artwork.

August [mid]

We are selecting our first 20 Founders. As a founder you will get a corresponding black founder NFT [which entitles you to special perks].

August [end]

We officially launch Rocket.

September [mid]

We launch NFT-buying per credit card. Everyone will be able to by NFTs, thus extremely accelerating the NFT-Sales.

October [mid]

We will have co-created 10,000 NFT “Stars” in the Galaxy Artwork

October [end]

Each NFT-holder can claim a real-world 3d-rendered object of their respective NFT [sent to them. For free].


We will have paid out 10 Mio. USD to our co-creators. [Despite the market-downturn.]

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